Teams Triumph

Well done to Dr Monica Green, not only an RCE team member but also a great academic. Monica has just finished some research finding our children’s perspectives about sustainability.

Here is an excerpt from the research.

“The study found that children’s involvement in sustainability largely stems from practical experiences in school and home environments, mostly through action based projects. Projects involved embodied learning that promoted creating and caring for specific locations, such as wetlands, creeks and rivers, school grounds and food gardens. In conjunction with other adults from the wider community, teachers played a key role in implementing sustainability in schools and supporting children’s subsequent learning, which was often self-directed and discovery based. The children in this study have well developed ideas about what sustainability is, its impact on the planet, and its contribution to planetary survival. Their sustainability knowledge is testament to the rich sustainability learning opportunities afforded to them in their school.”


The research highlights the need for kids to be in the green stuff, to get their hands dirty, to experience the full meal of the wilds, not just look at the recipes in a book. The wilds have taste, smell, sounds, feelings, – you will need to use all of your sense’s to experience the wonderment of nature.

Monica has also just published a great book.

IMG_0515 IMG_0516


Well done Monica- a great resource that will support the work that we are all trying to do.

Please send this onto any educators that can use this research or book in their daily events.




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