Sustainable Schools Expo- Sale, April 21st 2016

Hi all,

We are very excited to build on what was achieved 2 years ago. Where over 450 students came together to discuss & learn all about sustainability.  This year we are excited to move it around Gippsland. Wellington Shire & Gippsland Grammar School will host the event in Sale, Victoria, on Thursday April 21st.

Feedback from last time was very engaging and worthwhile. There are plenty more schools and teachers that would like to see and hear how other schools are tackling the sustainability subject.

We have plenty of sponsors that have kindly donated funds, people, & resources, most are listed at the bottom of the flyer. The Gippsland Climate Change Network, a major sponsor are supporting the event this year, this will complement the good work that they do across the region with efforts to reduce the effects of climate change.

We will be using Will Tait to help facilitate the sessions, Will was fabulous last time and really helped bring it all together.

Click on the Icons to view them up close.

Flyer Feb 2016

The 2016 Program


Some Teacher Info

Teacher Info


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